North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management
(NERIWALM), Tezpur

An Institute under the Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation,
Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India

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TRAINING CALENDAR 2023-24 PDF File Icon PDF File | 3.86 MB | Uploaded on 08-06-2023
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A Training Calendar is prepared in each financial year after getting it approved by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of NERIWALM. It has been widely circulated to all concerned. Also uploaded in the website of NERIWALM and linked with website of Department of  Water Resources, RD & GR, Ministry of  Jal Shakti, Govt. of India. Normally about 65 (sixty-five) programmes are planned which also includes seminar, workshop, conferences etc. NERIWALM has proved its existence as a Regional Centre of Training in water and land management in NE Region of the country. Since its transfer to the Ministry of Water Resources during April, 2012, number of training programmes conducted by NERIWALM is depicted in the following table and figure.

Number of Programme Conducted Graph Report

Training calendar for the year 2019-20 is also approved by the TAC. A total of 65 programmes have been planned during 2019-20 in conformity with the target projected in the EFC of HRD & CB under Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India. Emphasis has been given to conduct trainings in all the 8 (eight) states including the aspirational districts of NE Region. Training for Women group has also been proposed to reduce the gender gap. Training for non-technical officers of Department of Water Resources, RD and GR under Ministry of Jal Shakti will also be organised. A brief account of the programmes in terms of types of programmes (Off-campus/In-campus), and subject of the programmes is given below:

In-campus programmes : 48 Nos.
Off-campus programmes : 17 Nos.

Subjects of different training programmes:

Subjects of different training programmes
Sl. No. Subjects of training/ seminar/ conferences/ workshop etc. No. of programme
1 Preparation of surface water minor irrigation 02
2 Water Management for horticultural crops 01
3 Water users association and water management in irrigated agriculture 01
4 Workshop on water resource planning w.r.t. climate change 02
5 Organic farming and Water management 02
6 Workshop on Improving water use efficiency on climate change perspective 02
7 ToT for Leadership development in irrigation water management 01
8 Workshop and flower culture and horticultural show 01
9 Survey and Design of Irrigation Project (In-Plant training) 03
10 Workshop on Rajbhasha Hindi 04
11 Demonstration on Solar Power Drip Kit 03
12 Micro Irrigation, water conservation and water quality (In-Plant training ) 03
13 Water Conservation and water management (for women) 01
14 Volumetric water measurement, computation of irrigation efficiency and socio-economic aspects (In-Plant training ) 03
15 Remote sensing and GIS application in irrigation, preparation of maps and reports (In-Plant training ) 03
16 Vigilance Awareness 02
17 GIS and Remote Sensing  (Self Financed ) 04
18 ToT on Soil Sampling and Soil analysis  data interpretation for tea cultivators 01
19 Analysis of environmental parameters Water and soil  analysis (Self-financed) 01
20 ToT on Soil Health Analysis 01
21 Analysis of environmental parameters Water quality analysis and interpretation (Self-financed) 02
22 Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) 03
23 Hindi Diwas 01
24 Exposure visit to water and land management 01
25 Raising and management of nursery 01
26 Workshop on Research methodology in water and land management 01
27 Workshop on Micro irrigation 01
28 Water quality monitoring 04
29 Workshop on Rejuvenation of river and water bodies 01
30 Overview of water sector for non-technical officers of Ministry of Jal Shakti 01
31 Basic computer course 04
32 Water use efficiency in irrigation projects 01
33 Geobag and geotextile application in water resources management 01
34 Barrage and design of water resource structures 01
35 Multiple Cropping and Water Management 01
Total 65