North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management
(NERIWALM), Tezpur

An Institute under the Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation,
Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India

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Capacity building activity is considered to be a long-term, continuing process, in which all stakeholders like ministries, local authorities, non-governmental organizations and water user groups, professional associations, academics and others participate. Capacity building encompasses human resource development which is an essential part of development. It involves process that focuses on enhancing the skills, knowledge and social capabilities available to individuals and social system in order to achieve growth, equalize opportunities, reduce poverty and enhance people’s livelihood. It is based on the concept that education and training lie at the heart of development efforts and that without human resource development most development interventions will be ineffective. Training is a means for overall enhancement of performance in terms of knowledge and skills of an individual. NERIWALM has been organizing different capacity building programmes on water and land resources management of which training is one of the main activities. NERIWALM has proved its existence as a Regional Centre of Training in water and land management in NE Region of the country. It has been conducting short and medium term training programmes on different aspects and issues of water and land management relevant for the region.

The Institute undertakes R&D activities from different Ministries of Government of India, State Departments of NER states and government organizations on various aspects of water and management. During 2015-16, Institute has undertaken following R&D activities of which progress in brief is given below:

R &D project for Baseline study of Irrigation projects of NE region
National Water Mission (NWM), Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), RD &GR,Government of India had offered NERIWALM to undertake baseline study of following five irrigation projects of NE region.

  • Pohumara Medium Irrigation Project in Assam (Rs. 23.70 lakh).
  • Loktak Major Irrigation Project in Manipur (Rs.52.81 lakh).
  • Kaliabor Lift Irrigation project in Assam (Rs. 22.53 lakh).
  • Sukla Medium Irrigation Project in Assam (Rs. 32.93 lakh).
  • Rupahi Medium Irrigation Project in Assam (Rs.12.79 lakh). However, study in this irrigation project could not be taken up due to defunct condition of the irrigation scheme and accordingly reported to NWM.

The Institute has already started the study for four irrigation projects except the Phumara medium irrigation project of Assam. The project staff on contractual basis has been recruited. Collection of data & information and season wise experiments etc. in the concerned irrigation projects have been taken up. The studies are expected to be completed within stipulated time period of 18 months. Out of the total sanctioned amount for the above five projects, NERIWALM received 40% from NWM in two installments i.e.,Rs.30.60 lakhs during October, 2015 and Rs.27.30 lakhs during February, 2016.

The outcome of these studies will provide necessary actions to be taken to improve water use efficiency of the irrigation projects in addition to providing necessary baseline information. After completion of these five baseline studies, more studies are expected from the NWM in coming years.

Concurrent evaluation of minor irrigation projects in Assam
Few irrigation projects have been constructed in the NE Region with financial assistance from Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) under MoWR, RD & GR, Government of India. NERIWALM was requested by the Department of Irrigation, Government of Assam to undertake concurrent evaluation studies for five minor irrigation projects during 2015-16. The names of Minor Irrigation projects for concurrent evaluation are as follows.

  • Athiabari Electrical Lift Irrigation Scheme (ELIS) under Guwahati Irrigation Division
  • Ghogajan Flow Irrigation Scheme (FIS) under Guwahati Irrigation Division
  • Ranighat-Ghagraguri FIS under Kokrajhar Irrigation Division
  • AnthaibariBikarampur FIS Kokrajhar Irrigation Division
  • Longa FIS Kokrajhar Irrigation Division.

The study envisages assessment of present status of irrigation potential created and utilized, command area development, cropping pattern and participatory irrigation management etc. All necessary expenditure will be reimbursed by the Irrigation Department of Govt. of Assam.