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The courses on demand are being conducted by the institute at the request of sponsoring organization (Govt. departments, NGO's, field level functionaries working in water related activities). The subject areas given below are indicative:

Service to the Tea Industry
Tea being a plantation cash crop grown over in a commercial scale and the industry being single largest employer a large labour force of either gender NERIWALM is extending its service in capacity building in the water and soil management sector. From this year 2012-13, NERIWALM offers a two day course on Method of soil testing and sampling for the executives of the tea industry. This is a unique course which is offered considering sharp pH criterion of maintaining it within 4.5 to 5.5 as through soil amendments as well as for nutrient management in tea. We are aware that for taking advantage of various Tea Board subsidy scheme, accreditation of the soil laboratory from the Tea Board is mandatory. Initiative is being taken for this, however for all other practical purpose, it is the good laboratory practice that matters. NERIWALM is equipped with a state of the art soil and water testing laboratory, well trained learned personnel to run the laboratory. Already more than 350 soil samples various tea estates were tested to the entire satisfaction of the clients. The industry can advantage of getting their soil and water samples tested at this laboratory. Mr. K K Gohain, Ex TRA Soil Scientist visits our laboratory as consultant.
In 2012, in collaboration with the Tea Research Association, Tocklai Experimental Station a part of the Drainage course 2012 was organized at NERIWALM. On demand, NERIWALM can offer a course on Water Management in tea plantation for the benefit of the tea industry, covering irrigation, drainage, soil conservation - topsoil as well as gully protection, rainwater harvesting in tea fields etc.

One to four weeks period in-plant training programmes are being conducted at NERIWALM, for Graduate and Postgraduate students from various Universities in the state. A practice oriented training at NERIWALM is given to the students. This has helped in updating their knowledge, attitude and job oriented skills in water management. The students coming for in-plant training free of cost (four weeks duration) and they are provided residential and boarding facilities at the rates approved by the institute from time to time. The interested organization or students may contact to the Institute for further details related to in-plant training.



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